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If you are a passionate fan of betting, then you will definitely benefit from our OnlineBettingApp.in. We are a dedicated team of professionals who will keep you up to date with everything that is going on in the mobile betting industry around the world. On our website we will grant you rankings of sportsbooks apps for pre-match and live betting, general information about the markets, accurate betting picks and tips, so that you will have enough data for making bets on different sports.

Our Mission 

We stick to our main aim which is to be one of the biggest online platforms nowadays that help bettors find the best apps for safely and comfortably bets.

We will also provide you with the most precise betting tips created by idustry experts and analysts which will help you to bet with maximum profit. What is more, we will grant you the licensed and fully safe betting apps for wagering on cricket, football, kabbadi, horse racing, eSports and other sports. We perform a detailed analysis of every single bookmaker to make sure that you will not join a dishonest sportsbook.

Our Team

We are a professional team who are enthusiastic about sports betting and want to share our skills and knowledge with other fans.

Sanjay Thakur from OnlineBettingApp.in/


Sanjay Datenakur is our energetic and determined marketing director and editor who is not afraid of huge loads of work. He is really passionate about betting and is doing his best to provide you with up-to-date bookmakers apps reviews.

Naya Chand from OnlineBettingApp.in


Naya Chand is our creative and hard-working content creator who makes every effort to provide you with fresh news in the world of sports and betting.

Ashwin Dhawan from OnlineBettingApp.in

Industry Advisor 

Ashwin Dhawan is our qualified reviewer who is an absolute expert in mobile betting platforms. He uses his profound knowledge in this sphere to select the best bookmakers apps for wagering on sports for you.

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