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Sanjay Datenakur

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @SanjayDatenakur

LinkedIn: SanjayDatenakur

Role: Betting Expert, Editor, SEO Consultant

Sanjay Datenakur is a skillful betting expert and content creator at He is also a professional Marketer and SEO Specialist. Sanjay has already been in the betting industry for over 10 years and that is why he has considerable experience in this sphere. For this reason, he decided to turn his greatest hobby into his professional career and his extensive expertise with others. Sanjay creates all the precise picks and tips that you will find on our platform.

Previously, he worked as a copywriter in the gambling and IT sphere for more than 5 years. What is more, Sanjay was a part of the company of one of the largest bookmakers in Asia. That is why he has a vast knowledge of how everything works from the inside of the betting company.

Outside the work, Sanjay prefers to use his spare time to his advantage. He enjoys playing chess. In addition, he follows all the recent news and updates in the field of betting in order to keep our visitors updated about all the appearing novelties there.